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Our Research and Development facility undertakes a variety of research projects using a broad range of scientific disciplines and collaborations.  We publish results from our research in a variety of external, peer-reviewed scientific / academic publications. Here is a brief account of our most recent publications.

Open access manuscripts are indicated with the icon OA

Impact assessment of WHO TobReg proposals for mandated lowering of selected mainstream cigarette smoke toxicants
Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, 2017
Eldridge, A., McAdam, K., Betson, T., Gama, M., Proctor, C.
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Nicotine Quantification In Vitro: A Consistent Dosimetry Marker for e-Cigarette Aerosol and Cigarette Smoke Generation
Applied In Vitro Toxicology, 2017
Adamson, J., Li, X., Cui, H., Thorne, D., Xie, F., Gaça, M.
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Differential Gene Expression Using RNA Sequencing Profiling in a Reconstituted Airway Epithelium Exposed to Conventional Cigarette Smoke or Electronic Cigarette Aerosols
Applied In Vitro Toxicology, 2017
Banerjee, A., Haswell, L., Baxter, A., Parmar, A., Azzopardi, D., Corke, S., Thorne, D., Adamson, J., Mushonganono, J., Gaca M., Minet E.
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Application of dosimetry tools for the assessment of e-cigarette aerosol and cigarette smoke generated on two different in vitro exposure systems
Chemistry Central Journal, 2016
Adamson, J., Thorne, D., Zainuddin, B., Baxter, A., McAughey, J., Gaça, M.
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E-cigarette Nicotine Delivery: Data and Learnings from Pharmacokinetic Studies 
American Journal of Health Behavior, 2016
Fearon, I., Eldridge, A., Gale, N., Shepperd, C., McEwan, M., Camacho, O., Nides, M., McAdam, K., Proctor, C.
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The mutagenic assessment of an electronic-cigarette and reference cigarette smoke using the Ames assay in strains TA98 and TA100
Mutation Research/Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis, 2016
Thorne, D., Crooks, I., Hollings, M., Seymour, A., Meredith, C., Gaca, M.
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An Innovative Technique for Rapid Screening of Cigarette Filter Adsorbents
Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2016
Peter Branton, P., Leistner, M., Wöllner, M., Kaskel, S.
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Development, validation and application of a device to measure e-cigarette users’ puffing topography
Scientific Reports, 2016
Cunningham, A., Slayford, S., Vas, C., Gee, J., Costigan, S., Prasad, K.
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E-cigarette aerosols induce lower oxidative stress in vitro when compared to tobacco smoke
Toxicology Mechanisms and Methods, 2016
Taylor, M., Carr, T., Oke, O., Jaunky, T., Breheny, D., Lowe, F., Gaça, M.
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Electronic cigarette aerosol induces significantly less cytotoxicity than tobacco smoke
Toxicology Mechanisms and Methods, 2016
Azzopardi, D., Patel, K., Jaunky, T., Santopietro, S., Camacho, O. M., McAughey, J., Gaça, M.
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Chemical Composition of Aerosol from an E-Cigarette: A Quantitative Comparison with Cigarette Smoke 
Chemical Research in Toxicology, 2016
McAdam, K., Margham, J., Forster, M., Liu, C., Wright, C., Mariner, D., Proctor, C.,
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Thermal behaviour of selected flavour ingredients and additives under simulated cigarette combustion and tobacco heating conditions
Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 2016
Czégény, Zs., Bozi, J., Sebestyén, Z., Blazsó, M., Jakab, E., Barta-Rajnai, E., Forster, M., Nicol, J., McAdam, K., Liu, C.
Influence of Type and Amount of Carbon in Cigarette Filters on Smokers’ Mouth Level Exposure to “Tar”, Nicotine, 1,3-Butadiene, Benzene, Toluene, Isoprene, and Acrylonitrile
Beiträge zur Tabakforschung International/Contributions to Tobacco Research, 2016
Nother, K., Ashley, M. S., Clayton, P. M.
Laccase functionalized cellulose acetate for the removal of toxic combustion products
Reactive and Functional Polymers, 2016
Nugroho Prasetyo, E., Semlitsch, S., Nyanhongo, G. S., Lemmouchi, Y. , Guebitz, G. M.
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Reference change values in concentrations of urinary and salivary biomarkers of exposure and mouth level exposure in individuals participating in an ambulatory smoking study
Practical Laboratory Medicine, 2016
Camacho, O. M., Sommarström, J., Prasad, K., Cunningham, A.

Laccase oxidation and removal of toxicants released during combustion processes
Chemosphere, 2016
Nugroho Prasetyo, E., Semlitsch, S., Nyanhongo, G. S., Lemmouchi, Y. , Guebitz, G. M.

Compatibilization of co-plasticized cellulose acetate/water soluble polymers blends by reactive extrusion
Polymer Degradation and Stability, 2016
Quintana, R., Persenaire, O., Lemmouchi, Y., Bonnaud, L., Dubois, P.
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Simulation of aerosol dynamics and deposition of combustible and electronic cigarette aerosols in the human respiratory tract
Journal of Aerosol Science, 2016
Pichelstorfer, L., Hofmann, W., Winkler-Heil, R., Yurteri, C. U., McAughey, J.
Cigarette smoke induced genotoxicity and respiratory tract pathology: evidence to support reduced exposure time and animal numbers in tobacco product testing
Inhalation Toxicology (International Forum for Respiratory Research), 2016
Dalrymple, A., Ordoñez, P., Thorne, D., Walker, D., Camacho, O. M., Büttner, A., Dillon, D., Meredith, C.
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